The Drow

Session 1 : Search for Halaster

Shanna and Maraxus of House Millithor deal with the fallout of destroying the Eye. House Millithor sends Scryvus along with 20 drow soldiers to help fortify the area, with Shanna creating skeletons (30) to help out.

The Horned Dwarf is curious as to how these drow have managed to create such a vacuum in the slave trade, and is not please with its results.

Gates in Skullport start ejecting strange creatures randomly, and the Skulls suddenly teleport the players into the Crystal Labyrinth. The drow discover that Khelben Blackstaff has requested the aid of adventurers to discover the fate of Halaster, lord of Undermountain, whose absence has lead to realm-wide gate chaos.

The Millithor drow have managed to defeat the Company of the Silver Shield, and have geas-ed its priest into helping them find the Aquitocrun.



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